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 Air Duct Cleaning    



Air Duct Cleaning  Special

8 Vents For $120

We clean air ducts the way the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends. All vents get removed and then we clean the air duct oppenings one at a time. We treat the air ducts with an organic anti-microbial agent. Air duct cleaning should be done every 5yrs in your home. If you suffer from severe allergies, it may be reccommended to have the air duct cleaned every 3yrs. We've been cleaning Air ducts in az for the last 18yrs with wonderful results. Our air duct cleaning is very cost effective. If you have any questions about our air duct cleaning,

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       air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning in mesa gilbert chandler phoenix scottsdale areas!  

Air Duct Cleaning

     What are you breathing? Air pollution is an important issue that affects every human on earth. The air that we breathe is designed to keep us alive but due to environmental factors can create a number of health problems. Over the last couple of decades, the issue of environmental air quality has become a major one and there have been steps taken to improve this problem. However, there is now another air quality issue that has grown in importance: indoor air quality (or IAQ).   air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning in mesa gilbert chandler phoenix scottsdale az areas

     Indoor air quality testing studies have shown that the air indoors actually contains more irritants than the air quality outside. This is a troublesome fact as most individuals spend the majority of their time in airtight homes. The problem of indoor air pollution can be traced directly to contaminated heating and/or cooling system components of forced air systems.

     A contaminated forced air system consists of the presence of pollen, particles of dust, and other types of debris. The danger of this debris is that over time it will lead to the presence of moisture, which increases the potential for microbiological growth within the forced air system. This microbiological growth is then released into the air through these forced air systems. Air duct Cleaning helps reduce these conditions in the home making the air cleaner.

Super Savers Carpet Cleaning Air duct services are the best in Arizona. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We also provide dryer vent cleaning.  When your dryer just seems to take a lot longer to dry your clothes than it used to, or you are seeing a lot more dust in your laundry room, you might need to get your dryer vent cleaned.  If you do this when you are getting you air duct cleaned we will give you a discount on the dryer vent.  we use a truck mounted vacuum that extracts all of the dust and debris out of your dryer vent.

Super Savers Carpet Cleaning Dryer Vent services are the best in Arizona.

air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning in mesa gilbert chandler phoenix scottsdale areas

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